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This long day....

Today was long because today was dad's surgery.
I didn't mention it earlier for a few reasons: one being because I only remembered this past weekend, but mainly putting it out there would have made me worry more. It would constantly be right in my face and I just wanted to be able to deal with work and them head over to the hospital when I got off.

The surgery was schedules for 3:30 pm and they ran a little late in getting him in, but the precedure went smoothly. The doctor reported to us that all was good at 6 and that he'd be moved from post op to his room around 8-8:30, which is exactly what happened. Once in his room we visited and apologized in advance to the nurses and his cpa for the stubborn obstinence they will encounter ;P
He was already starting to display it by constantly wanting to sit up or do a short stand.

For a little more details on the surgery: it was laproscopic, they went in on the side, took the whole kidney and surrounding/encapsalating fat. The kidney will be sent for pathology. And the doctor said his other organs looked really heathy and like the belonged to a younger person (we've all wisely agreed not to tell dad this).

Of course the surgery was the easy part...the hard part is getting him to adjust his diet, because he's also a diabetic. So now he really needs to watch sugars, drink plenty of water and has the added chore of watching protein intake.


Dear 2015; YOU SUCK!

Yup 10 days into the year and it already suck!

Why you ask? Let me tell you the little story.

Went over to my parents to do my laundry like I normally do and had a pretty good time chatting with my mom, watching tv, and cuddling my kitty Smudge.
2 hours later when I was about to leave, saying my goodbyes, mom asks me if I've talked to Jon (brother), I reply no...she pauses for a little and then says Dad has cancer.

Details on it are still sketchy, not sure if it's truly because she doesn't know or if she doesn't want to say...
Here is what I was told:

  • It's on his kidney, about 2.9x2.5 cm (that's bigger than a golf ball),

  • he will have surgery to remove his kidney (but no date yet)

  • No clue how long it's been there, could have been 10 years

  • No clue whether he'll need any chemo or follow up surgery, that will depend on what is discovered when they remove the kidney

  • he is 65 (66 in April), obese, and diabetic...and doesn't do well following a diabetic diet right now (this is really where I'm concerned for my dad)

  • My dad will milk it for everything he can *cracks weak smile*

I had to tell you guys cause you're my stave off the worst of the depression that is now looming over my shoulders.
now I'm off to bed.


Oriental Coleslaw

My mom makes this mainly for work parties, so you may want to cut it back to 1/3 what it's requesting...or have plenty of mouths and big bellies to feed.


  • 3 pkgs angel hair cabbage

  • 6 green onions, chopped


  • 1 pkg ramen noodles crushed

  • 1 2oz pkg slivered almonds

  • 1 tsp sesame seeds

  • 4 Tbl butter and 1 Tbl vegetable oil


  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil

  • 1/4 cup Sesame oil

  • ½ cup seasoned rice vinegar

  • 1/3 cup of sugar.  (Mix the sugar with the vinegar alone to dissolve it.  Sugar won’t dissolve in oil.)

  • 1 Tbl soy sauce

Melt butter in oil.  Saute ramen, almonds, and sesame seeds until browned.  Cool and put in container.
Combine cabbage & green onions, refrigerate until ready to serve.
Combine dressing ingredients, mixing well; refrigerate until ready to serve

When ready to serve, combine cabbage, ramen and dressing.  Toss to coat all the cabbage with dressing.  You can also add cooked chicken to make an oriental chicken coleslaw.
Also I'd say only add the dressing when you serve it, so it doesn't make the crunchies soggy by being in the fridge for a while

We Survived

Bath time is done and we both got out relatively unscathed...

Myself: I got a scratch down my abdomen, but it's more of red marks since her claws were trimmed.

Lucie: for all her crying you would think the world was ending, but besides looking like a wet rat for a few minutes is perfectly fine. I promised her I wouldn't take or post pics, but after seeing her glare at me, I wish I had some pics for leverage to keep her from murdering me in my sleep.

I'm watching an episode of SG1 before heading to bed.

More on Lucie

What can I say...I love talking/writing about her.

Last Wednesday (8/28) or Thursday (8/29) the vet called back and and said Lucie did have some sort of skin Fungi going on...forget what it is exactly, but I had to go and pick up her meds.

Her meds are special shampoo and conditioner!
Thankfully the conditioner is a spray and leave on thing, but I have to spray her with it daily; and if you know cats they don't like being sprayed.
Oh!  But it gets better...the shampoo is good old normal type of shampoo....I have to give her a bath 2-3 times a week!  and leave on the shampoo for 10 minutes before I wash it off!  You know I believe in teasing and playing rough with my pets but that's just torture; for the both of us!

Think I'm gonna do what Chris used to do when the Sphinxes needed baths...gonna try taking Lucie into the shower with me since I have sliding glass doors...that way she's in a warm environment, can't get away from me, and I can do a quick clean while I wait those 10 minutes,  The complication is that she has claws...I've already trimmed them, but who knows what type of damage she might be able to do!

In other thoughts: I really need to make a custom Icon for her!  My other pets have them and seeing as she lives with me, whereas the others live with my folks, she really needs at least 1 for herself!

Lucie Update

Lucie just had her 2nd bet appointment on Thursday 08/22/2013 weighing in at 2.71 lbs (1.23kgs)...meaning she pretty much gained a full 1 lb in 2 weeks.
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New Kitty!

Most people reading this already know I got a kitten Wednesday July 31st, really this is the long story on how I got her and a way for me to always remember the details.
I've been wanting to get a cat/kitten for a long time now, even before I moved into this apartment (when I was living with my sister at her house) but I was always stopping myself because I knew there are a lot of responsibilities to having a pet and I wasn't sure if I could handle them.  As time passed the urge to have a pet grew stronger, going out to my parents to check on the cats there and play with them helped relieve that desire but not completely because I still had to come home to an empty apartment.The Full Story of LucieCollapse )
As I watch her right now, the difference between that tiny shell of a kitten I brought home and this boisterous ball of fur is amazing and I'm happy to call Lucie: MINE!



Here is Smudge being awefully cute and wanting to terrorize a peacock feather...

...of course lots of captions come to mind.

"So, where's my turkey?"
"I like my bacon extra crispy"
"I am the great and powerful Oz, ignore the man in the back"

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Nov. 18th, 2012

It lopsided and ugly...but I'm still very proud of lil' ugly pouch.
First I ever made!
it didn't come out great or anything because I didn't use any pattern or any reference really, but I think that's also why I kinda like has that rustic feeling!

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BBQ sauce + horseradish = delicious

how I discovered:
Made some steak and really wanted to eat it with some horseradish, but the horseradish I have is SUPER DUPER HOT!
Since I don't have sour cream to mix it with and it is for steak; I decided on the BBQ sauce.  The  concern was that the BBQ sauce I have is Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbeque Sauce, which is a sweet and tangy type of BBQ sauce.  Honestly, wasn't sure if it would work since it's so sweet and the horseradish so hot, but man is it good!  You get the sweet and tangy taste of the BBQ at the start and then are left with the sinus clearing spice of the radish as a parting gift at the back of the mouth....much better than steak sauce!

Also, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider is very yummy!  and was on sale at BevMO for Halloween.
Now on to the next episode (4th) of the live action Halo Web Series: Forward Unto Dawn!


More Youtube....

Ok....Sorry to spam your lj with videos...but I really couldn't help it.  Halo 4 comes out 11/06/2012 and I just found out there is a live action series that leads up to the premier.  Well I just watched the first part and can't but need to share with it so you can share in my happiness!

Also, I apparently need a halo userpic 0_0;


Today's smile

You know you want to watch it!

Deadpool rocks!
This guy has other dancing videos out there from cons, but this is probably the best I've watched so far.



Been a while since I felt an earthquake...But I just felt a 5.3 that was in New Idra (small mining at ver south and a little west of the valley)
I had just layed down for sleep when I felt a small shaking of my bed and then it picked up and I could tell the whole room did a little moving with the quake. I texted Vanessa, but she didn't feel it (and I feel bad cause while I doubt I woke her, it was pretty much midnight). I wasn't even sure if it was a quake, I was 90% certain though since this apartment is first floor and haven't felt anything like it here before... And then I remembere I have a quake zone app; thankfully it updates real time! (That's where the place and mag info came from)

I know a lot of people count themselves lucky they don't have
Earthquakes...but as Robin Williams put it; I live on God's etch-a-sketch! Quakes are very common: many happen everyday, it's just that they are not always felt.

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Kornoff Brothers Softball Team (c. 1939)

If anyone ever asks why I like baseball or why I can never remember all the names of my cousins and is a good reason why!

I'm not sure when the names and titles were added, but I'm happy cause it makes it easier for me to point out that my Grandfather was Nick and he play shortstop.

They made challenges to other teams to only play with 9 players (no subs)....and according to my father are in the Guinness Book of World Records as a One Family team...though I've never been able to find that proof.

Edit: someone sent me a link that referenced "Ripley's believe it or not". And while there is still no concrete proof; this is more plausable.

I just wish I still had grandpa's glove, but my sister took that...seriously pisses me off cause I played softball more than she did...but that's a distraction, I love this photo just as much because of the memories: like the time grandpa actually came and watched me play, or all the time I spent out at their house (which is how I found his old glove in the first place)

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